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SHAHIN AUTOMOBILE provides a wide range of services to customers who are looking for reliable car maintenance services. Be it car servicing, car repairing, car denting & painting, car DETAILING or any custom car care service. SHAHIN AUTOMOBILE is your one-stop solution for all repair & car maintenance needs.


Our service center HAS SKILLED TechnicianS AS our team. OperatING IN one of the finest & most efficient repair shops in the city, we PROMISE excellence fROM our devoted staff. Each Technician IS COMPLETELY TRAINED & haS the experience necessary to provide our customers with optimum service. 


breakdown services cannot be scheduled in advance, we redirect resources toward repairs every time a piece of equipment breaks down. reach out to us whenever breakdown maintenance is necessary & expected, we are able to remedy the situation without coming to a complete halt.


it’s important to necessarily wait for THE yearly SCANNING & service  AS CAR MAINTENANCE to roll round to check THAT THE vehicle is in good working order. In fact, there are a number of quick & simple checks DONE BY OUR TEAM AS SOON AS THE VEHICLE IS RECEIVED to ensure that THE car is in GOOD condition ELIMINATING ALL ERRORS.


There’s no denying, THE tyres are extremely important, MAKING it’s essential tO inspect EACH INDEPENDENTLY FOR Both tread depth & pressure to increase the engine performance and also safety.


Making sure THE engine oil levels are just right is important. Keeping these levels topped up will help ensure that THE car runs smoothly, so it’s good to get into the habit of checking them on a regular basis.


essential is the car electronics to be working in order., we make sure that the headlights, indicators, reversing lights, fog lights & brake lights work properly. This is fairly quick & simple to do, but you may find it easier if you ask us to help you.

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