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a reputation of 15+ years in the making

At Shahin Automobile, we are passionate about our work. We are certified & Trained Technicians that are qualified to perform all possible services that all premium cars of petrol, Diesel, hybrid or even electric vehicle may require. We are more specialised in Electronic Control Module systems services & Repair supported by our bespoke computer diagnostics. 

We provide holistic premium vehicle care solutions for any type of service or repairs on traditional components of your car like air conditioning, Engine, Transmission, brakes, suspension, etc. We completely endorse the quality and authenticity of our repairs of every car we undertake. 

We also undertake the following services

  • mechanical work with spare part replacements

  • electronic part and replacement

  • Suspension replacement ad repairs

  • engine and transmission repair work

  • Accident Jobs (Insurance Jobs)

  • body work and paint job (overall painting / over coat)

  • vehicle annual service (engine oil, oil filter, etc) 

  • vehicle insurance

  • vehicle scanning and error code removal

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